Preteens and preschoolers

21 Jun

Just realized that I am in a new parenting place. My oldest is now a tween (10) and kid #2 is hot on his heels (8 next month). They’re aware now of pop music, thanks to Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network, and they’ve purchased some of said pop music from iTunes (with supervision – don’t want them racking up a $500 bill). My younger two kids are still in the realm of preschool – at least for the next couple of months. Kid #3 starts kindergarten in the fall; kid #4 is only 18 months old.

You may be wondering what brought this train of thought to the forefront of my mind…

Juice Box Heroes.

Got an e-mail this morning from Mamapedia advertising a CD deal from JBH. See the deal here. They appear to be the Weird Al of kids’ music. I can handle Mickey Mouse singing “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” only so long before I want to jab something in my ears to stop the insanity. I can handle listening to the 10 songs they downloaded off iTunes, but those 10 songs get stale fast. I’m hoping these 2 CDs I bought will be a nice break from the tween & preschool music. I guess it’s a mash-up of the two types of music, set to the tunes of the ’80s – my teenage glory days. Speaking of glory days, their version of that song (“Glory Days” by The Boss) is called “Lemonade.”

I now have to brag about my deal. The 2 CDs are sold for $25 as a set from Juice Box Heroes, but the Mamapedia deal was $13 for the set. So 1/2 off. Then I had a $10 credit from Mamapedia. Apparently I’ve bugged my Facebook friends often enough with links to the Mamapedia deals and one of them clicked through my FB links and bought a deal, earning me credit. So I decided to buy sets for my two sisters-in-law who also have kids under the age of 10. All together, I think I’ll spend $26 for 3 sets. I love shopping.


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