I am Pavolv’s dog

25 Jun

I think I’m all moved in to the new phone. Feels about right. The sounds, however, are another problem. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I had specific tones set up for different things: e-mail, tweets, texts, calendar notifications. I can set up tones on my new phone, but not my old ones. They’re still on my old phone. What a hassle. I want my tones. I like my tones. I know exactly what’s going on when I hear one. I don’t want new ones.

But part of me wants new tones. I have a new phone, after all. Why shouldn’t I have new tones? I don’t want to use the stock sounds that come with the phone, though, which means I have to:

  1. Think of what tones I want. They have to be cool. This means I have to be creative and use my imagination. I also have to ignore my children to a certain extent so I can get this done.
  2. Scour the interwebs for said tones. Not as easy as one would think. Still partially ignoring kids, but looking up every now and then from the laptop to make sure the baby is still in the room and not off in the bathroom, stirring the contents of the toilet with a baby doll.
  3. Download the tones to my phone. Possibly a multi-step operation in itself. Telling the kids they can get breakfast for themselves, because how hard is it to put a frozen waffle in the toaster oven by themselves?
  4. Set appropriate tone for each notification. Voila! Trying to show the kids how cool my new tones are, but they’re too fed up with me ignoring them for a phone that they don’t care.

Then I have to do this all over again for ringtones.

So do I stay in my Pavlovian state and use my old tones (easier), or do I branch out and get new sounds (harder, but cooler).


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