I am done. Just. Done.

29 Jun

I have had enough togetherness. I have had enough of, “I’m bored. What can I do?” I have had enough of kids interrupting me while I’m playing a game on my phone. I have had enough of the baby waking up because, “I forgot she was in here sleeping.” I have had enough of the whining, griping, and arguing.

I’m done. I want to go home and banish the kids to their rooms. Or me to my room. I don’t care which. But somebody needs to be in some serious long-term time out.

J lost her swimsuit. We never left the house! They played on a $12 slip & slide I bought at Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon and set up in the backyard. The other 2 big kids managed to get their swimsuits off and to me for a washing, but Julie’s is missing. How do you lose a flipping swimsuit INSIDE a house? We’ve looked under beds in three rooms, through the laundry in the dryer (because that’s the load it should have been in), and all around the house. No swimsuit. Even though my nephew’s dog ate the cat’s food (with nasty results), I don’t think he ate J’s swimsuit. I think we would have seen little pink and purple Speedo bits around.

I’m just ticked.


One Response to “I am done. Just. Done.”

  1. iampotassium June 29, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    😦 Sorry to hear things are getting rough… *hugs* and *kicks the fire* Plus now we are getting rain here too! Ugh…. go rain on Los Alamos…

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