10 Jul

I’m in the bathroom as I write this, supervising a couple of girls in the tub. I don’t like bath duty. I have to sit still and, more likely than not, get splashed. Usually I can get Steve to work bath duty on the weekend, but he’s playing the “I’m making the chocolate chip cookies you requested”card.

So that leaves me in the kids’ bathroom watching two happy little girls in a bubble bath, trying to entertain myself by typing this post. I don’t like this bathroom. It stinks, despite my efforts to make it fit for adult habitation. The kids either don’t notice the smell or they notice but don’t care. It drives me crazy. I blame my son. Love him to pieces,  but he’s far from tidy.

I think my wit is being seriously hindered by my efforts to type with only one thumb. It’s taken me 15 minutes to write this much. Embarrassing, really. I downloaded the WordPress app for my phone this morning, thinking it would be awesome to have. I still like the idea of it, but the mechanics of one-thumbed typing is annoyingly slow.

On other news, I took a three-hour nap this afternoon, so you might be seeing another post from me late tonight when I’m unable to sleep.

Ok. Bathtime is almost over for kid #4. I’m ready to get out of here and she keeps standing up. Good enough reason to get her out.


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