Bribing children to eat fruit by…

29 Jul

…withholding video games.

Yes, I am that parent. The one who doesn’t enforce the FDA’s “five fruits or veggies a day” recommendation. The one who has to bribe her kids to eat healthy foods by taking away electronica. Just today, I basically forced my son to eat 2 clementines, one daughter to eat a handful of cherries, and another daughter to eat a golden delicious apple.

My son’s idea of a good breakfast is a tortilla topped with refried beans and wrapped around a hot dog. At least he prefers turkey hot dogs. But still – nasty! My oldest daughter is turning out to have a slightly more discerning palette. She eats normal stuff in normal quantities. She has become what I would call picky, though: no peanut butter or hot dogs, among other things. But can you blame her, knowing she’s witnessed her brother’s hot dog breakfast?

I finally had to teach my middle daughter what protein was because all she wanted to eat was tortillas, applesauce, and white grape juice. At least the juice kept her from being constipated because of her stellar diet. Now she asks me questions like, “are Oreos protein?” because she knows that if I say “yes,” she’s golden. If I can get her to eat a banana with peanut butter, we’ve had a good food week.

So while I was enduring the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Nintendo withdrawal and the forced consumption of fruit, the baby was mooching bites off everyone. She enjoyed a little fruit salad of her own making. Maybe I still have a shot to be a good mom.

And yes, I let the kids resume their mind-numbing gaming once the fruit was eaten.


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