The last Wednesday of summer – what a drag

10 Aug

Summer is rapidly coming to an end. Today was our last totally free weekday of summer. How did we spend it? The kids watched TV and played video games. I had pity on them. When school starts, the satellite is going dark and their video game time is drastically cut back to Friday and Saturday only. The squabbling was at a minimum, surprisingly enough. Nobody dropped the baby on her head today, which is better than yesterday – big sister A let go of Baby K a little too far from the ground. Don’t worry – no bumps or bruises. Just a slightly unhappy 18-month-old, a really unhappy mommy, and a distressed, crying 8-year-old.

What did I do on my last free weekday of summer? I spent a good part of the afternoon surfing websites for a wig. Not just any wig. An over-the-top yet not unrealistic hairpiece. I have this “friend” named Tardie Sue. She makes an appearance once or twice a year at my Community Bible Study. At first she had straight hot pink hair, but it looked cheap, like a leftover Halloween wig. The next time I saw her, she had changed her hair again, but it wasn’t big enough to suit her flamboyant personality. She definitely needed a hair makeover. Hence, wig shopping. (Pssst – she’s me. I do a comedic monologue.)

So, back to the online wig shopping. Like swimsuit shopping, the internet isn’t the best place to look for this particular item. But I did it anyway. Because I live in the middle of nowhere. Where else am I going to find a wig? I started on eBay. Some interesting prospects there, but nothing spectacular. Did I mention that I have a big head? Makes it tough to find a wig, since my head is one inch larger in circumference than the average wig. After eBay, I decided to go the Google route. Lots of wig sites, but nothing I fell in love with. Remember, I’m looking for a spectacular super-big-head model but nothing emo, goth, or punk.

Then things took a turn for the weird. I decided to Google “drag wig,” because I had seen some wigs marketed as drag queen wigs on eBay – and I hit the jackpot.


So I bought it. But in brown with golden highlights. I hope Tardie Sue likes her hair. I can’t imagine that she won’t. I think I know her tastes pretty well. I actually bought a wig from a drag queen store on the last Wednesday of summer. Wow. I’m so proud.

Now to find Tardie Sue some clothes that will live up to the hair. I’ve got my eye on some sparkly 99-cent items on eBay.


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