Would you like an excerpt?

19 Aug

Cause I’ll be happy to give you one. This is me, copping out on writing an original post, but opting to cut and paste something from my manuscript. But you get a bonus that the manuscript doesn’t have. Oooh, I wonder what it is?

Saturday, August 5

Our Marvelous Downstairs Loo

We have a bathroom under the stairs. Sorry Harry Potter, no room for a bed here. I can see how it would have been a torturous existence, living under the stairs. Tiny and lots of spiders. In fact, I think the national animal of the UK is the spider. So many of them. Good thing I’m not arachnophobic.

It’s a small room (three feet wide by 5 feet deep) with only the toilet and an itty bitty sink. The walls are white tile on the bottom and pale green on the top, separated by an oak chair rail. The floor is slate tile and there’s a small framed mirror hanging by a ribbon over the sink. So lovely.

The toilet has two buttons – half flush and full flush, which confuses the kids. Shoot, it confuses me, too. But the very best features of the bathroom are the toilet lid and seat. The landlords really outdid themselves on these gems. Imagine if you will, clear acrylic lavatory accessories. Then imagine silver strands of barbed wire embedded in the lid and seat. Yes, we sit on (completely encapsulated) barbed wire when we use the loo.

So classy.


Here’s your bonus:



2 Responses to “Would you like an excerpt?”

  1. Heather August 19, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    Ummmm….I think it fits the room perfectly!

  2. Kelley August 20, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    That is cracking me up!! I actually went to a hotel this week that had a half-flush and full-flush option. That is the first time I had ever seen that and now you are talking about it in the same week. Crazy!

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