Today’s post, take 2

22 Aug

Wow. I just wrote a whole post that was garbage. Totally boring. I will apologize for it, even though I know full well that you will never read it. Thank goodness.

So child #3 has strep. Found out this morning. It’s our second week of school here, and I overheard the doc out in the hall as she checked the quick strep test, “It’s positive. I guess school has officially started.” My child has the first case of strep of the school year. Should I be proud? My kids are overachievers. They get it from me.

I’m waiting now for the older 2 to get sick. Especially #2, since she and #3 share a room. Apparently, at 18 months, #4 is too young to get strep. Doc said so. I didn’t know one could be too young for strep. What would be worse is if hubby got it. That would be even worse than if I got it, because when I get sick, i can stay in bed, ignore everything and not feel any guilt. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I milk it just a little bit so I can stay in bed a few more hours.

I think child #2 might be getting sick, too. She’s a dramatic child anyway, but tonight she was a couple of notches above just “dramatic.” I don’t want her to get sick, because she’s the most dependable and reliable of the 3 big kids. #1 (10-year-old boy) is too easily distracted, and #3 (5-year-old girl) is too young to be of any significant help. But child #2 is a treasure. High-strung, yes, but a treasure. She’s the one who loves helping take care of #4 and is the most consistent with her attention. Granted, she’s also the one who dropped #4 on her face a few times trying to put her down, but there’s no long-term damage there. To either sister, or to me.

I think if I were to disappear off the face of the earth, #2 would assume my responsibilities without missing a beat. Hey –  I wonder if she set the strep on us so that she could usurp my authority the moment I fall ill. Hmmm. Something to ponder.


One Response to “Today’s post, take 2”

  1. Erin August 23, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    I think something must be in the air (and not just the strep!) I had a really hard time writing a post last night, too! And I still think it’s a boring one. They can’t all be homeruns, right? 🙂 Sorry about the sick kid. Hopefully it stays singular. But it is nice to know you have a sub in case you disappear off the face of the earth… maybe to get a pedicure? That would be lovely.

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