Remember when you made a new friend in elementary school?

28 Aug

That’s how I feel right now. It’s a combination of happiness and pride because someone thinks I’m interesting enough to WANT to hang out with me on the monkey bars at recess.

Yes, I made a new friend. An internet friend. This is big news in my world, since I didn’t care about making online connections until 2 months ago when I started blogging. In all honesty, I really just wanted to build a healthy readership in the blogosphere so that when I finally start submitting my manuscripts, I could tell publishers, “One million faithful readers visit my brilliant blog every day, so that translates into one million people who will buy my book.” Obviously that was a very realistic goal, since I have 32 (ish) faithful readers.

Anyway, I found Queen of the Jungle through the NaBloPoMo. Or she found me. I’m not sure which. She has three little boys, is a Christian, and tells her children hilarious lies. I enjoy reading her blog every day, and I felt a connection to her almost immediately. She posts shout-outs on Sundays, and she talked about me today!

What an honor!




This is me. I’m excited!






You should check Erin out.


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