Which was the lie?

31 Aug

Yesterday, one of the parts of my multi-subject ADD post was two truths and one lie. You were supposed to guess which one was the lie. To recap:

1. I was a model in a hair show. The stylist who did my hair made it the biggest and curliest it has ever been in its big curly life.

2. I know Carolyn Keene (author of Nancy Drew).

3. I sat next to Angie Harmon on a puddle jumper plane from DFW to Houston once. She smelled nice.

One poster here on the blog guessed that #1 was the lie, while the consensus on Facebook was also #1. I had one person guess #2.

Man, am I a good liar! Maybe my writing career has promise since I was able to make up something believable.

1. The summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, there was a call for models for a hair show. No modeling experience was required, just hair on your head that you were willing to share with a stylist. Honestly, this was a defining moment in my life. This was when I transitioned from the 80s mullet to the style I still use today: unfettered, free, wild curls. Honestly, that stylist changed my life. He made my hair crazy big – never been that big since – but I was a new girl.

2. I LOVED Nancy Drew when I was a little girl. I read so many of those yellow hardback books. When I found out that a friend of mine was having a Nancy Drew book published, I was super happy. So yes, I know (one of the) Carolyn Keene(s). Yes, there have been many throughout the years, but I know only one. She wrote Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Intruder. I met this wonderful author in 2007 when she was in my small group at our Community Bible Study. She has been something of a mentor to me over the last 4 years and I love her to pieces! Since she can’t officially say, “Hey, I wrote a Nancy Drew book!” I won’t out her on the internet. If you want to shoot me an e-mail because your curiosity is about to eat you alive, I’ll tell you who she is. I mean, it’s not like it’s a huge secret or anything, but I know it’s part of her contract.

3. When I was writing last night’s post, I had a TV show on in the background – a recorded episode of “Rizzoli & Isles.” Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander star. I couldn’t think of anything plausible to write for my lie, so I decided that since the lovely and statuesque Angie Harmon was originally from Texas (like me), she’s roughly my age (she’s 39 and I’m only 38), and since she was also in my living room, I would use her as part of my fabrication. Why not? I particularly liked the part about her smelling nice. I would like to think she smells nicer than the average 39-year-old mommy. I almost wrote that she was stinky, but I thought that was pushing it.

I love this game! What are your 2 truths and a lie? I really wanna know. let’s see if I’m as good a guesser as I am a liar.


4 Responses to “Which was the lie?”

  1. Lizanne Hatfield August 31, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    Have I ever told you that YOU were the sylist that “changed my life”? Yep, one summer when we visited, you parted my hair on the side of my head instead of my typical down the middle. Such a simple act, yet life changing!
    And, a random note, once in high school at youth group we played two truths and a lie, and I discovered that one of the youth leader couples won the state lottery where they had moved from. No one picked that one as their truth!

  2. Laura September 2, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Fun game!
    1-My toddler likes telling me I’m grumpy and laughs about it, even when I’m not.
    2-I’ve never dyed my hair.
    3-I really believed Snape would end up being evil and was disappointed when he wasn’t.

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