Does this count?

1 Sep

I’m working toward blogging every day this month. At least every weekday. We’ll see about the weekends. I’ll be getting my inspiration from NaBloPoMo. Well, I might or might not be getting my inspiration there. I can choose whether or not I use their prompt for my blog. I’m hoping to expand my readership a bit through these monthly blogging exercises.

Anyway, today’s prompt is: What magical creature would you love to meet?

I have several choices here.

  1. I could take the noble high ground and say Aslan. Majestic, powerful, awe-inspiring, maybe the opportunity to learn something about myself, to boot.
  2. I could go the pop culture route and choose Dobby. Perhaps I’d get some housework out of the deal. Certainly a laugh or two, especially if he decides to knock himself cross-eyed by bonking his own head with a water pitcher.
  3. Since she made a stop at my house earlier this week, I could vote to meet the Tooth Fairy (and complain at the copious amounts of glitter she left behind).
  4. ….

I’m out of ideas. Sad, isn’t it?

So I decided to go the mythical creature route. I’ve decided I want to meet the elusive well-behaved child. I’ve heard these creatures exist, but I have yet to see one. I’ve read about them in stories, although their mention in contemporary literature is becoming scarce. The Ramonas and Fudges of the world are far more numerous. Even Harry Potter wasn’t overly well-behaved. He talked back to his aunt, uncle, and teachers. He broke rules. And he didn’t clean out his trunk at all – remember how he was scraping the bottom and cut his finger on a broken mirror? Sloppy kid.

I would love to meet a child who is simultaneously agreeable, quiet, tidy, helpful, peace-loving, and not a picky eater. My kids are all of these things, just not all at once and not for very long. Except for the picky eater part. #3 only eats tortillas with spray butter. I will be amazed if she ever willingly puts a veggie in her mouth.

Where are these well-behaved children? The ones who are seen and not heard, the ones who pick up their toys when they’re finished playing, the ones who don’t pick fights with or breathe on their siblings. THOSE are the ones I want to meet.

What a glorious event that would be. A nice, quiet meeting with conversation that never once drifts to the latest Pokemon game, or bodily function witnessed on the playground. We would have scones with dried cranberries (because well-behaved children don’t demand chocolate chips at every meal) and tea. Honestly, I wouldn’t have tea because I like coffee better. But the WBC would have tea and not burn her mouth or spill his drink. That means I could use the nice tablecloth and the good china. I’m getting more and more excited about this.

Do you know what I thought of just now? One of #3’s best one-liners: Mommy, there was something in my nose that didn’t taste like a booger.

I bet the WBC would never say that because the WBC would never    a: pick her nose, b: put the pickings in her mouth, c: say the word “booger.” If I had 4 WBC, I would never have that fabulous memory – her little voice coming from the backseat of our SUV as I was pulling into our driveway after a morning out and me laughing so hard I thought I wet my pants.

Maybe I don’t want want to meet a WBC. I think it would spoil my enjoyment of those not-so-WBC who live here. I’ll take a good belly laugh over a dignified tea party any day.


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