Bogus bank charges and dead stuff

8 Sep

So many thoughts chasing each other around my head. Nothing interesting enough to write about – trust me, I’ve gotten several false starts on this post in the last little bit. Maybe some of the things are interesting, but nothing substantial enough for a whole post. I suppose I’ll give in and just go with the flow.

First – I think I have performance anxiety. Someone I respect very much told me today that he thinks I’m funny and then compared me to a relatively famous contemporary author. Wow. Now that I know he’s reading and taking mental notes, I’ve frozen up. So we’ll blame him if my post today stinks. Everybody all together now, “Thanks, Dad.”

Second – I edited more on the manuscript. I’m at the section where we took our road trip through Scotland and Ireland. It’s amazing the stuff I’ve forgotten in the last 5 years. It brought back fabulous memories. Lush, green hills. Cool temps in late August. Rain, rain, and more rain. Haggis, ferry rides, and castles. I imagine our family going back for several weeks when the kids are older. I think the big kids want to go back, too.

Third – I discovered an unfamiliar charge of $12.99 on my bank statement today. It says: BEST HOSTING 888-469-3003. So I Googled it and discovered a website and was somewhat confused. So I called the phone number. I got a recording saying “If you don’t recognize the charge on your statement, press 1.” When I pressed 1, I got another recording asking me to leave the last 6 digits of my debit card in a message so they can find my transaction. That’s when I hung up and called the bank. Joy of joys, now my debit card is cancelled and I have to go in to the bank to file a dispute. Dang it.

Fourth – I’m wondering if anyone else checks their floors first thing in the morning for things their pets have dragged in? Because I do. Every morning. Our cat, Gray Cat, has a habit of bringing in her nighttime “friends” for more playtime in the morning if they’re still alive, or for a mid-morning snack if they’re not. More often than not I’ve stepped in some little furry thing’s kidney or spleen. Totally grosses me out. Because we have old mottled brown 80s carpet in our house, it’s not immediately apparent in the dim morning light which splotches are just the carpet and which are a half-eaten pocket gopher. My cat is nasty.

I think that’s pretty much it. It’s taken me about an hour and a half to write this much. Probably doesn’t help that I was watching “Masterpiece Mystery” also. Miss Marple distracted me. Unhelpful old biddy.


2 Responses to “Bogus bank charges and dead stuff”

  1. Stan September 13, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    Thanks for sharing about Best Hosting. I just got that charge on my account too.


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