Immortalizing stains

14 Sep

Today was picture day at my kids’ school. They take the kids’ pictures during the day, then offer family portrait sittings in the evening. The family pics are one step up from Sears, but much cheaper. We’ve taken advantage of this opportunity for as long as we’ve had a kid in the school on picture day. So 5 years.

We skipped last year because I was all smart and bought a Groupon for a hoity toity photographer. $25 for a sitting and an 8 x 10. Or something like that. Only hitch in the plan was that the studio was 90 minutes away in the big city. Not a big deal. We usually go to Albuquerque at least a couple of times a year (although I try to avoid it as much as possible with the Fab Four in tow), so I was sure we’d get there before the Groupon expired. Nope. Never got to it. Not only did I waste $25 (coulda gotten a mani), but we didn’t get a family picture for 2010. Well, we did, but it was back when Baby K was 3 months old:

Steve, Baby K (#4), A (#2), C (#1), me, and J (#3) taken by the fabulous Charly Stagg

Anyway, today was picture day. Time to get our 2011 family portrait. In years past, I’ve put a little thought into what we would wear. I aim for coordinating clothing, usually all of us in the same color. Because nothing says quality photo like matchy-matchy outfits. This year, however, I knew picture day was coming up, but it never crossed my mind to: a – call the school office for a picture time, and b – figure out what we were going to wear. Yesterday afternoon at 4:30, I called the office and got us a time slot, then I turned my attention to clothing.

The big 3 had to have appropriate picture clothing for their individual pictures taken while at school, in addition to whatever I decided to make them wear for our fam pic. As per usual, #2 had everything planned out, #3 was clueless, and #1 didn’t care. We found a pretty red dress for #3 and a red polo shirt for #1. No reason they had the same color – just worked out that way. Then, because the photographers are kind and let us piggyback younger siblings’ orders in this photographic melee, I picked out an outfit for Baby K. I planned on taking her in at 8:30 to have her mug shot lovely photo taken when #3’s kindergarten class was going through.

What to wear for the group shot? The only color that I’m pretty sure everyone has decent clothing in is red. #2 has 2 red dresses plus a sundress she accidentally got craft paint on this summer. I bought the sundress for the Groupon picture that never happened. I looked around for #3’s matching sundress, but never found it. I think she decided she hated it and hid it somewhere. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past her. #1’s only red thing was the polo shirt he was going to wear to school. The kid’s 10 – I was hoping he would be able to get through a day without getting anything on his shirt.

I’m going to summarize here because it’s getting late and I’m tired. #2 didn’t want to wear either of her non-paint-stained dressed for the picture, #3 still couldn’t find her sundress, and #1’s shirt (which he obediently took off after school) had two mongo darkish spots on it. By the time I noticed the spots, it was too late to wash it. I decided to just go with it – this is a moment in time captured forever, stains and all. I’ll be able to look back in the years to come and smile at the whimsy of it all.

Either that, or I’ll use it as a weapon in my guilt trip arsenal when C & A are teenagers.


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