An interview with #2

2 Dec

So I’ve slacked off for the last week and haven’t posted anything. What with finishing up NaNoWriMo, eating ridonkulous amounts of food, and dragging the pre-lit plastic tree out of storage, I’ve been distracted. I’m just going to ease back  in with another interview with one of my 4 kiddos.

Second in my hard-hitting series is an interview with child #2. My mini-me. Future lawyer/President of the United States. She wants to go by the name, “Awesome Chick.” I called her in to the living room just now.

Me: Why that name?

AC: Because I’m awesome and I’m a chick.

Me: What do my readers need to know about you?

AC: I’m um, no…I’m…what are you typing? I’m Mommy’s mini-me.

Me: What does that mean?

AC: I’m a mini-you? I don’t know what that means.

Me: It means you’re a lot like me, only shrunk down little.

AC: Ok.

Me: Should we move on to other things?

AC: Sure.

Me: Like what?

AC: Um, I don’t know. You’re the one who’s supposed to make up the questions.

Me: What grade are you in?

AC: Third.

Me: What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened so far this school year?

AC: I got into GATE.

Me: Which is what?

AC: It stands for Gifted And Talented Education. I think.

Me: What do you like about it?

AC: I get to read a book called “The Secret Garden.” After Christmas, we’re going to do a tea thingy. We’ll all dress up as a character and we’ll have tea and crumpents (her pronunciation), and scones, and peppermint tea.

Me: Who are you going to dress up as?

AC: We don’t know yet.

Me: You don’t get to pick?

AC: No, we haven’t decided yet. We know who we think we want to do, but we’ll probably draw names out of a hat or something so we don’t all get the same person, or whatever.

Me: So if you had a choice, who would you go as?

AC: The Robin. There’s a special robin in the secret garden, who’s able to talk to the main character, who is Mary. Or something like that. I can’t remember.

Me: Why the robin?

AC: Because the robin’s just cool. And, um, it’s an animal and animals are cool. And the robin is able to talk to people.

Me: Fair enough. So what were you doing before I called you in here?

AC: I was reading a magazine.

Me: Which one?

AC: The one Daddy got me when he went on a business trip to England.

Me: Isn’t that over a year old?

AC: Yes, yes it is. It’s all torn up and ripped, and I don’t know where the front cover is.

Lucy (enter stage left): Awesome Chick, you’ve been out of our room for, like, ever.

Me: I called her in here.

Lucy: Oh, ok.

Dad: To bed, Lucy. Lucy exits.

Me: Ok, Awesome Chick. Thanks for your time.

AC: Can I go back to reading now?


4 Responses to “An interview with #2”

  1. veryVERYbusymom December 2, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    I love that Awesome Chick loves to read – even when it’s not assigned. Yes, she does sound like your Mini-Me, AKA “Apple That Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree.”

  2. Emelda Brown December 3, 2011 at 9:08 am #

    Awesome chick sounds very gifted. Loving the interviews, as usual. Have you ever shared something I didn’t love? Maybe if it was Aggie related? LOL
    Thank you for continuing to share, I feel like I’m right there as it happens!

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