I’m Still Uncomfortable

7 Jan
Kirkland Signature pepperoni pizza

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Pizza is my no-no food. I can eat my weight (even the 36 lbs. I need to lose) in the stuff.

I. Love. Pizza.

Even bad pizza. Doesn’t matter. Something about it makes my heart race, and all common sense and self-control fly out the window. This afternoon I found myself at our local pizzeria with the hubs and kiddos, all of whom like pizza, but haven’t elevated it to an art form like I have. We got a simple 18″ half pepperoni-half cheese and a side of breadsticks. The “side” is actually made in a 12″ or 14″ pan, so it’s like having a whole other small pizza with garlicky yumminess on top.

We had a nice family lunch – something that hasn’t happened in a while because of the Christmas break. We’ve been around other people for the last two weeks, so it was nice to have just the 6 of us. (I would have said, “our little family” in that previous sentence, but I think I’m fooling myself when I refer to our basketball team + one in this way.) Anyway, we watched a little soccer on the big screen TV and chatted about going back to school tomorrow. I’m so ready for that. I feel like I can’t get down to new year business until I get the big 3 back to school. The kids are ready, too. The scarfed down their pizza and breadsticks before running off to play air hockey and some vintage arcade games. I stayed at the table, munching on the remains, watching as the 5 of them enjoyed having the game room all to themselves.

I don’t think I ate too much over lunch…maybe 3 pieces of pizza and a few breadsticks. But that was over two hours ago and my stomach is still feeling over-ful. Perhaps it’s not the pizza, but the bag of peanut M&Ms I had when we got home, or the huge cup of coffee I enjoyed while I was dealing with laundry.

It’s not the pizza. Can’t be. Won’t ever be. Because if it is, that means I’ll have to change my pizza-eating habits, and I can’t do that. So for today, I’m going to blame it on the M&Ms. I can’t blame it on the coffee either, because that would mean cutting back on the brew, and that will not happen. Ever.

I’m glad I hit the gym this morning. Less pizza remorse that way.

I’m going to hibernate for a couple of days now. I think I’ve eaten enough to sustain at least a 72-hour nap.


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