New Clothes For My Bed

12 Jan

I enjoy going to my in-laws’ house over Christmas for many reasons: I can sleep in a bit because there are cousins to keep my three big kids occupied in the mornings, I don’t have to do nearly as much meal planning and cooking as I do here (this year, I did almost zero of both), and I don’t have to answer the landline because I know that nobody is calling for me. The best thing, though, is getting caught up on my BBC programming.

We have Dish Network at our house, but we’re too cheap to spring for the channel package with BBC America. But my in-laws have it. What’s more, there’s a TV in our room AND it’s connected to a DVR receiver. Every time we visit, there seems to be a “Doctor Who” marathon showing, so I can catch up on the latest goings-on of my favorite Time Lord. TARDIS Mk VI

For those of you who are not Whovians, I will spare you from all DW trivia save this: the TARDIS is his spaceship. From the outside, it looks like a British police call box from the 1960s, but it’s much larger on the inside.

What does this have to do with my bed? I’m getting there.

We’ve been in this house for almost 8 years, and I still haven’t redecorated our master bedroom. It’s off white-ish, so I’ve let it slide. Two summers ago, I repainted two of the kids’ rooms, and I’ve been thinking about what to do in our room. My first problem was color. My favorite color is pink, but I don’t want a Victoria’s Secret-looking bedroom. That would not be my idea of a relaxing space. So when I saw the beautiful TARDIS a couple of weeks ago, I knew that was the color for me. Dark blue. Not as stuffy as navy blue, but more serious than royal blue.

I don’t think I’m going to be using this color floor to ceiling, because that would be very…blue. I’m going to do that thing where you paint one color on the bottom (blue) and another on top (white). What’s that called?

Next problem: how to dress the bed. What goes with TARDIS blue? The interwebs were consulted. They had to be – I live in the sticks with nowhere to shop. I searched. I located. I chose. I purchased. And today, I received.

This is my newly-dressed bed. The dark parts are black, not blue.

Nice of me to coordinate with Gray Cat, right?

So my bed got new clothes. It hasn’t had anything new to wear other than a heated mattress pad (which I highly recommend) since we moved in. It’s a wonder it hasn’t bucked me off in the middle of the night out of sheer desperation for a change of wardrobe.


One Response to “New Clothes For My Bed”

  1. Reading (and chickens) January 13, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    Ooh, pretty!

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