Good Intentions

27 Jan

I really want to mop the kitchen floor, but I keep forgetting.

I want to clean the corners of my bathroom floor, but the only time I remember is when I’m getting into or out of the shower.

The top of my dryer needs to be cleared off, but I don’t have anywhere to put the too-small clothes I pull out when I fold loads.

I need to start editing my manuscript, but I had to finish sewing Baby Tay’s dress.

All sorts of thing I need to get on top of, and yet here I sit, 3:08 p.m., a Criminal Minds rerun playing in the background as I pound the keys on my laptop. Obviously, my intentions to blog daily are being fulfilled. Should I revel in that or be sad that other things aren’t getting done?

It’s been a long week. If I’m honest, all of my weeks are long weeks. This parenting gig is tough. You know how each president seems to go gray really fast once he takes office? I wonder if parenting is like that – would I have as many gray hairs if I weren’t a parent? I have 12, so it seems moot.

Maybe I should throw a party. That would force me to at least mop the kitchen floor. It wouldn’t do much for the other things I mentioned, but at least I’d feel like I accomplished something. These kids wreak all sorts of havoc on my house. Maybe I’d have a clean floor for a few hours. Hmmm – when they get home from school here in a bit I’ll make them shuffle around the kitchen while standing on Clorox wipes. That would clean parts of the floor. I’m sure it would devolve quickly, though, and someone will get hurt. It’s all fun and games until someone slips on a nasty Clorox wipe.

As for my motivation to clean the corners of my bathroom, it’s going to have to wait until I get the pre-service notification from the Terminix man. He’s the only person who sees every corner of my house, and if I remember that he’s coming, I’ll clean a few of them. It’s not that I want to impress him: rather, I don’t want to embarrass myself.

I suppose I’ll haul my manuscript along when I take the girls to dance and gymnastics this afternoon – I’ll have 30 or so minutes to do a little work. Forget the dryer, though. That’s just going to pile up until Amazon delivers another shipment of toilet paper and I can dump everything into the empty box and stash it out in the garage. Maybe this summer I’ll get out there and deal with all of the toilet paper boxes. I’ll put it on my “ought to” list.


One Response to “Good Intentions”

  1. Lizanne Hatfield January 29, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    Maybe I should send you a “round-to-it” magnet… Let’s be honest though, that will be on my “ough to list”. I do have a comment about the floors though. My kids love to use CLEANER 3000! Also affectionately known to me as soap and water! I put some in a bowl and give them a rag, and they go to town on whatever I will let them lather. Their favorite is the kitchen floor. Yes, it usually (ok always) ends up in a tipped over bowl and wet knees/butts, but hey, let’s just say they’re being cleaned at the same time.

    As for the corners in the bathroom, my kids love to use gloves! They will clean a plethora of things as long as they get to wear my gloves.

    Haha! After re-reading this I feel I must add a disclaimer to the tune of “I really do clean too”. I enjoy my slave labor as well though. ; )

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