What’s In Your Bag/Purse?

29 Jan

Let’s try this exercise again. I’ll go first.

I am fiercely protective of the contents of my purse. Nobody is allowed to put stuff in or take stuff out. This is mypurse. If you want to bring stuff along, stick it in your pocket, carry it yourself, or get your own purse. So what’s inside is rather mundane.

My stuff

  • headphones
  • sunglasses
  • wallet
  • gum
  • tissues
  • checkbook (no cover)
  • pens
  • Luna mini bar (2 Weight Watchers Points value, if you care)
  • folding scissors
  • three different types of Burt’s Bees lip balms
  • Maybelline Super Stay 24 lip color in Very Cranberry (I didn’t mistype that name – there is no “hour” after the 24)
  • mostly-gone tube of Mary Kay SatinHands peach hand cream
  • keys to my SUV with my YMCA membership card attached
  • plastic fork
  • more gum (I’m paranoid about bad breath)
  • keys to hubs’s SUV
  • glasses cleaning cloth
  • phone (note the white headphone cord plugged into the phone. I was listening to “Brisingr” by Christopher Paolini while I took the picture and I didn’t want to stop.)

If you care to look closer at my checkbook, you’ll see a colorful stain on the top check. On my way into my Weight Watchers meeting, I tipped the plastic container that had my snack in it and spilled peach and strawberry juice into my purse. Lovely. The snack also explains the plastic fork. I don’t usually carry around disposable cutlery. The meeting was at 8:30 a.m. and I needed some fortification since I don’t eat before the weigh-in, so I zapped some frozen fruit and brought it along. Nice when I was eating it, not so nice earlier when I dumped sticky fruit juice everywhere.

So what’s in your bag/purse?


After I wrote this post, I went into the kitchen and discovered another item that usually lives in my purse: my nail file. I love this thing. Bought it at Boots the Chemist (drugstore) back when we lived in England. The plastic case is ripping, thus my repair job. I need some fancier duct tape for next time I repair it. I wanted to include its picture, so here it is:

Fancy, yeah?

‘Fess up – what gems do you haul around?


5 Responses to “What’s In Your Bag/Purse?”

  1. iampotassium January 29, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Oooo Boots the Chemist sounds awesome! I wish we had names like that here for our stores…
    My purse is fairly boring… keys to house and lab attached to the outside, wallet, camera, Blistex, chapstick, sunglasses, random receipts that I didn’t want to deal with, fake normal glasses, a variety of feminine products, an expired epipen because I need to go get my allergies tested again, checkbook, ibuprofen, and a pen, scratch that… TWO pens… (Oooo I did some hoarding)…

  2. KKSorrell January 29, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    Fun post! I recently found one of the wheels from the dishwasher in my purse. (Still scratching my head on that one.) I was also at a meeting with a bunch of teachers and was reaching in my purse for something and pulled out a pair of my 4yo son’s underwear. He’d had a minor accident the Sunday before at church, but only his undies got wet so we took them off, I wrapped them in a paper towel and stuffed them in my purse, and put his pants back on. I totally forgot about the undies until Wednesday at the teachers’ meeting! Embarrassing! 🙂

    • That Nolen Chick January 29, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

      LOL! Love the unexpected things, although questionable undies are…questionable. 😉

  3. Stephanie P January 30, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    Okay, so I am a day behind, but here’s what is in my purse; House keys, two pens, business card holder, Work ID badge with keys, inhaler, facial oil dabber thing (Avon product), gum, sunglasses, calculator, another two pens, hair stick, this morning’s breakfast, coupon holder, wallet, spiral notebook (5″x7″ – it is perfect for my purse!), mini first aid kit, manicure kit, 2 BAGGU bags, lighter, feminie hygiene products, contacts holder, generic brand Aleve, Pepto, Dayquil, Ibuprofen, band aids, and eye juice. Nothing too exciting and alot that I do not use often, but feel the need to HAVE in my purse at all times.

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