Contest Winners

31 Jan

I was impressed/amazed/chagrined by how wordy you people think I am! Want to know who won my contest? Drumroll please….


That’s a roll-y as I can get on here. Anyway, here are the results:

  • Very – deleted 96…Laura C. won with a guess of 150. And even though she’s related to me, we didn’t cheat.
  • Really – 76…Teri M. won with a guess of 141. Yes, she went over, but so did everyone else except Jason. And Teri was still closer.
  • Totally – 8…Jason R. won. He went the “Price Is Right” route and guessed 1. Ha!
  • Marvelous – 157…Teri again with 124! She’s good.
  • Grand total – 337…The two closest guessers were Teri and Laura, but Laura was closer by 20.

So Laura, Teri, and Jason, congrats! I will be sending interesting things your way.

I’m refining the first three-ish chapters in preparation for submission. I’m cutting out all the passive voice verbs (am, are, is, was, were, be, being, been) and making the sentences more active. Cha cha cha! That was my enthusiasm for active voice. I’m not going to have a contest for that because it’s trickier than just doing a find and replace search in Word. After that, I’m going to remove all the words that end in -ly. Maybe I can be done with this by Valentine’s Day.

When the first three-ish chapters (also known as “June 2006”) are ready to be sent out into the world, I’ll start working on the rest of it. I have mixed feelings here: part of me wants to be done with the whole thing before someone agrees to be my agent or publisher, but part of me wants it to be snapped up like the last of the hot, fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls dear hubs bakes every Saturday morning. Maybe not, though. We usually have one or two Saturday morning cinnamon rolls left until Monday morning. But at least they’re gone before the next Saturday morning, right?

So if you see me carrying around a boring blue spiral notebook, know that I’m editing. I can’t carry around two inches of manuscript in my pretty pink binder just to work on less than one-sixth of the manuscript. Maybe the boring blue spiral is an additional motivator to finish editing so I can move my less-wordy book back into its pretty pink binder, whole and happy.

It needs to lose some weight.


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