Curse You, Ion TV!

4 Feb

I was doing ok with my daily schedule after Christmas until I stumbled upon Ion TV. It’s a weird channel on Dish Network up in the 200s (216), sandwiched between The Weather Channel and Veria (according to Wikipedia, Veria is a “network of natural wellness lifestyle programming”). Ion shows reruns of all sorts of shows, but the one that’s sucked me in is “Criminal Minds.”

Up until recently, I’ve refused to watch CM. I know it’s a good show because I’ve seen a few eps here and there, but I couldn’t open up my heart to another show. Translation = I couldn’t justify getting sucked into another show that I felt compelled to DVR. I have too much other stuff to do.

But now that I’ve decided to delegate chores to my minions, my schedule has opened up a little. I’ve gained back the 15 minutes per load that it took me to fold laundry, but if you factor in the five minutes per load it takes me to refold my laundry before I put it away, I get an extra hour each week.

I don’t know how I found Ion TV, because I’m usually hanging out around the low- to mid-100s. You know, USA, A&E, TNT, Spike, and occasionally VH1 when “Pop-Up Video” is on. I rarely venture into the 200s. Nothing there every catches my attention when I’m surfing the program guide.

Until recently.

I saw that Criminal Minds was on and decided to watch it while I was assembling my submission packets. That was a mistake. At first I was just intrigued by Reid and Morgan (because they are so nice to look at in their polar opposite ways), but the other characters started growing on me and the puzzles they solve each week intrigue me. Criminal Minds now has a spot on my DVR line-up.

Dang it. I’ve spent about 3 hours this afternoon writing three blog posts with CM on in the “background.” Funny how the background can force its way into the foreground more often than I’d like to admit.


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