What’s on Your Fridge?

5 Feb

Is the front of your fridge clean? Or are your favorite take-out menus displayed? What about kids’ artwork? That’s always a popular choice. How about photos?

The front of my fridge is a mess.

  • Bag of Box Tops
  • kids’ artwork as magnets
  • lists
  • menus
  • picture of Awesome Girl at Halloween – she was Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series
  • Weight Watchers “Hungry” magnet
  • small chip clips
  • my “Do You Have This” list for Epic Dude – we have to read it each morning to make sure he doesn’t forget anything
  • grocery list
  • list of which kid does which bathroom job each week (counter, toilet, floor)
  • pen/pencil holder
  • Valentine poem Awesome Girl has to memorize for school
  • two Hello Kitty coloring pages
  • schedule for local Youth Activity Center
  • list of things the kids need to do in order to set the table for dinner
  • a “save the date” magnet for a wedding this summer (Hi Potassium!)
  • Lily’s reading log
  • Baby Tay’s snowman
  • Family portrait circa 2008

You can see that we have various magnets – some were advertisements, others public service announcements, and some are, well, Larry the Cucumber. The little lamb is Baby Tay’s Bible verse magnet from our Bible study.

We used to have magnetic paper dolls on the bottom part of the fridge, but the kids never played with them. When I found a piece on the floor, I’d throw it away. Eventually, all of the pieces made it to the trash, and none of the kids even miss them.









What about the sides? Equally cluttered.

  There’s a picture up there from when I was pregnant with Baby Tay. It’s one of those 3-D ultrasounds and very unflattering to poor Tay. We dubbed it “Clay Baby” and it’s still on the fridge 2+ years later. It’s the dark square in the red frame. We also have a baggie of old milk tickets for the kids’ school. They switched to a new lunch system rendering the tickets obsolete. I never turned them in for credit. Oh well. Also have the obligatory crochet creature magnet.

Now over on the other side, we have two stinking huge silver magnets. They both have ingredient substitutions. We also have the phone number for the only pizza joint in town, dosing chart for children’s Tylenol and Motrin, Poison Control’s phone number, and my notes about different foods’ Weight Watchers Points Plus values.

I have a habit of just sticking stuff up on the fridge. Sometimes I have to rearrange things, but often, I just end up stacking things on top of other things. I like having clippy magnets, too. They can hold multiple pages, plus the ones I have are smiley faces.

As Baby Tay grows, we’re moving things farther and farther up the front of the fridge so she can’t reach important papers. Hopefully she’ll outgrow that phase soon and I can move stuff back down to the bottom door, too.

Finally, here’s a picture of my favorite magnet. He’s holding up the baggie of Box Tops. Try to spot him, then come back.



You found him? Do you know who he is? Maybe this will help.

So what’s on your fridge? Favorite magnet? Random phone numbers? Stuff that makes you smile?


5 Responses to “What’s on Your Fridge?”

  1. Chrissy February 5, 2012 at 7:16 am #

    My fridge used to look something like that. Pictures, pictures, magnets, art work from the kids and old pictures from when I was a kid…but I renovated and now my stainless fridge is awful. I miss my twenty year old fridge. On the side of my fridge I managed to squish some pictures and magnets just for memories. I must clean the stainless steel at least once a day and so now I took an empty wall in the kitchen and I am displaying my favorite pictures in frames (fancy shmancy for my new kitchen) but I miss the coziness of my old fridge. The plus; distilled water coming out of the fridge… Great

  2. veryVERYbusymom February 6, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

    I absolutely love your Einstein tongue holding the box tops bag! We have that magnetic kit of great movie quotes with the individual words you can move around so “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too” and “We’re going to need a bigger boat” which can become “I’ll need a little boat and your pretty dog.” My 5-year old also puts every drawing of his up with the ABC magnets until they all come tumbling down from the weight.

    • That Nolen Chick February 11, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

      When my littlest gets bigger, I might get one of those word-y sets. I think we’d get a kick out of it, since we’re all wordy people here.


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