Disclaimer for today’s post

10 Feb

I had one of *those* days yesterday where everything felt wrong, including me. Because of that, I didn’t write an original post for today. I decided instead to delve into my vast archives and bring back a post that made me smile. Enjoy.

that nolen chick

Here I sit. I’m at my in-laws’ house, 4 hours from home, working on their Apple computer (I’m a PC). The baby is at my feet, smacking me with purple and pink plastic spoons from a hand-me-down princess tea set and sucking on the cord to a desk lamp. Yes, I’m a good mom.

The other kids are occupied: C is playing Plants vs. Zombies on my old laptop and A is playing something on my old Droid phone. J is MIA. The TV is blaring some inane toddler cartoon to occupy the baby, who has now moved into the kitchen and is picking up Rice Krispies off the floor and putting them into her bowl. Yes, I’m a good mom.

Just found J: she was in a back bedroom trying her darndest to destroy Steve’s Kindle case. She was pulling the Kindle to see what was between it and…

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