Nerds Make My Little Heart Go Pitty-Pat

24 Feb

I have always had a thing for the nerdy boys. I liked Ronald Miller from “Can’t Buy Me Love” before the girl made him popular. I had a crush on Luke Skywalker before he became a Jedi. Sighed over Wesley Crusher from the starship Enterprise. Fell in love with Mikey from “The Goonies.”

The nerdy boys rock my world.

In junior high, I took accelerated classes, so I was surrounded by the boys with the biggest brains. I was in heaven. I was also in band with the band geeks. That rocked. I admit, I took shop class, but I don’t remember much after I sliced open the tip of my pinky finger while carving a polar bear out of a bar of Ivory soap. Selective memory. Plus, I don’t think there were my kind of nerds in shop class.

My hometown is small (population 12,000-ish). We had one junior high and one high school, so I was in the same classes with the same boys for 7 years. And I crushed on most of them for those years, too. There’s just something about a smart guy – and they can usually make decent jokes, too.

I went to college and met my ultimate nerdy boy. He has not one…not two…but THREE degrees in nuclear engineering. (Yeah – that’s me bragging.) He collected comic books as a kid. Sort of still collects occasionally. I find it sexy that he can not only give me the backstory when we’re watching a superhero movie, but he can also tell me the backstory of all the other characters, too. Plus he has a killer wit. Granted, he has a penchant for bad puns, but he can pull ’em out with lightening speed.

I’m crazy in love with my hubby, but I still have crushes on the occasional TV or movie nerd. Like Leonard Hofstadter from “Big Bang.” On a related note, I’m the ideal target audience for “Big Bang Theory,” yet I didn’t start watching it until last year. Why didn’t I start sooner? Seriously – I almost live this show. Every now and then hubs will pause the show, walk up to the TV screen, squint at it for a moment before declaring, “I have that book,” as he points to a bookshelf or comic book rack. Despite sharing a few physics tomes, my husband is normal-er than Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, or Raj. And I’m not a slut like Penny or a genius in my field like Bernadette or Amy.

Anyway, back to my 2012 nerd crushes. You remember I like “Criminal Minds,” right? Spencer Reid is nerdalicious, for sure. Is Doctor Who a nerd? Because I really think #10 was a nerd. Eleven might be, too – he wears bow ties, after all. And how can I forget Greg Sanders from CSI? Then there’s the two-fer from “Bones” – Hodgins and Sweets.

Ok, you get the picture. I like the smart boys.

English: A pile of Nerds candies, made by Will...

Of course, these aren't so bad, either. Image via Wikipedia


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