Good Mothering vs. FedEx

28 Feb

Hubs was at work and the kids were at school. Baby K was working on something, and I thought sitting her on the toilet would be a good idea, so we went into my bathroom. In the middle of our mommy-daughter time in there, the doorbell rings. It was a little after 9 a.m., so I didn’t worry about it. I figured it might be a nice older lady we know who likes to drop off books she finds at the local thrift shop for the kids. Or it might be any number of other friends on a quick errand.

Normally, I stop what I’m doing and answer the door. It’s a welcome distraction to whatever new brand of chaos is running rampant in our house. Assuming I’m not in my PJs, I’ll answer the door. This time, I let it go. I was so proud of myself. Look what a good mommy I am! Hanging out with the 2-year-old in the bathroom!

As we were finishing up, I heard a diesel engine drive off. Know what I thought? It’s just the meat & fish guy. We’ve been having lots of those guys stopping by lately. They ring the doorbell, take two steps back and start in with their pitch: “I have some extra boxes of beef in my truck. This is from cattle hand-fed by angels and who live only in valleys with the greenest grass and sweetest water. I also have some salmon that never swam a day in their lives, but who were ferried upstream by Michael Phelps. Can you use a couple of these boxes of meat nectar?”

So I went to the front porch to check. Know what I found? This.

Repayment for being a good mom.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I missed the FedEx guy at 9:19 in the morning. He usually doesn’t stop by until at least 11:00. Note the handwritten VOID in the middle of the slip. I can’t leave my signature – I have to be here. So this was Monday. Tuesday (today) I had Bible study at 9:15, and tomorrow (Wednesday), I’m planning on being on my way to the gym by then (free childcare window is small). That would cover the next 2 delivery attempts, which means that I’m probably going to get to find the FedEx office in Santa Fe (45 minutes away).

This morning, I woke up not feeling well, so I didn’t go to Bible study. And guess what…the FedEx guy didn’t come by at 9:19 like he did on Monday. In fact, it’s 2:01 in the afternoon, and I have yet to see him or my package.

Wanna know what’s in my package? A free iPod Nano. I had one of the 1st generation units with the faulty battery that Apple recalled.


Yup. Right on cue, FedEx at my door. Wanna see my new iPod?

Not even sure which iPod model this is, but it has 8 GB.

Hmm. That was pretty effective.


3 Responses to “Good Mothering vs. FedEx”

  1. Shannon February 28, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    Woohoo! Now for some new headphones that actually work…

  2. iampotassium February 28, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

    Boooooo FedEx. Glad you got your iPod though! One time, I had to send in my old laptop for repairs and they shipped it back with no power cable… The next day FedEx (or maybe it was UPS now that I think about it) arrived with my power cable but because no one answered the door within 2 seconds of them ringing the doorbell, they left, taking my power cable with them… I had to wait till 7 pm that evening to go pick it up… Sigh…

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