What I Did Over My Lenten Break

9 Apr

If you follow my blog, you might have noticed that I’ve been gone. February 29 was my last post before yesterday. As I reread it, I remembered how conflicted I felt about stopping all of my writing for several weeks. But I stopped because I felt like God was asking me to. Not commanding, not ordering. Just suggesting.

It was a good 38 days. Wanna know what I did?

  • Had an actual date with my hubby
  • Didn’t read many blogs or tweets
  • Skipped out on a few local writers’ group meetings
  • Caught up on “Criminal Minds”
  • Failed epically in the Diet Bet I was part of and lost $50
  • Agreed to let my almost 11-year-old son play the part of Douglas in a production of “Shadowlands”
  • Ran a 5K and possibly won “Worst Mom of the Race”
  • Finished my taxes – between federal and state, we’re getting back a whopping $140. Jealous?
  • Had Baby K’s formal two-year-old portraits taken (fabulous!)
  • Let my big kids participate in a Mileage Club at their school
  • Started my summer flower garden in the garage
  • Let kid #3 (Lucy/Lily)finally have her birthday party – we made Wuggle Pets
  • Discovered that blogging and my memoir manuscript are my “itches” that I need to scratch
  • Realized that reigning in my goals is an acceptable thing to do
  • Enjoyed a 7 day staycation WITHOUT husband or children
  • Painted my bedroom
  • Refinished a headboard that looked as if it belonged in a “60s Mexican food restaurant,” according to my mom – she was right

I plan on elaborating on many of these in the coming days. I want you to know that I thought about you, my dear readers, almost every day, and not just because I got a “blog post” reminder on my phone every afternoon at 1:40. I discovered I live life through the filter of this space. I think about what I’m going to write about, how I’m going to craft sentences and paragraphs for you to enjoy, and what pictures might be fun to include.

One thing I will elaborate on right now: I’m not going to be posting every day. I decided that 4 times a week would probably be good. Maybe M/W/F and a weekend post. We’ll see how that works. So watch this space!


3 Responses to “What I Did Over My Lenten Break”

  1. iampotassium April 9, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    I craft my blog posts in my head too. That’s when I know they are ready to be written – when I can’t think about anything except the first few sentences/overall feel of the post. 🙂 It sounds like you had a very productive Lent!

  2. Laura April 9, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

    Glad you’re back. I’ve missed your posts. 🙂


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