What’s On Your To-Do List?

29 Apr

Over the weekend, I made a to-do list. It’s not my usual “laundry, sweep, Bible study” stuff – instead, it’s backyard-related because that space needs some serious attention. After 8 years of ignoring it, it’s time for some massive TLC.

I’m looking at renting (or maybe buying) a lawn vacuum. Heard of those? I hadn’t until just a few days ago. We have lawn trash on top of rock landscaping that needs cleaning up and I’m not sure the leaf blower can do the job. We’re also going to put in new grass (Turffalo – a new hybrid) and take out a couple of dead trees.

There’s also 8 years-worth of cat…ahem…leavings that need to be disposed of. Those aren’t on the to-be grassed part, thankfully, but still going to be a hassle to deal with.
That’s my to-do list. Yours?



2 Responses to “What’s On Your To-Do List?”

  1. Nicola @ Lizzielane April 30, 2012 at 3:01 am #

    Hi, sounds like a massive job- very brave. My to do list just gets longer and longer…. but next weekend my plan is to sit down and compile a photo album for my 4 year old son as they are all just on my computer and phone at the moment. Good luck with your task……

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