Is 15 Years on eBay a Good Thing?

23 May

I opened up eBay today and saw this:

I’ve bought and sold all manner of crapola off eBay, but it all started with Beanie Babies. Remember them? They were born back in 1993, the same year as some of this year’s graduating seniors. In 1997, I got caught up in the BB craze, but I promised Hubs I would only buy the cats. I knew if I got super involved in the gray market Beanie Baby trade, there would be no turning back. I knew that a grad student’s salary couldn’t support a full-fledged stuffy habit, so I was just a recreational buyer, nowhere near as serious as the hardcore collectors. Some of those people needed interventions.

I watched calendars for release dates, I spent hours online looking for shops that sold the critters through their websites, and I signed up for eBay. This was 1997 and the internet was still figuring itself out. Pre-Google online buying consisted of spending hours and hours searching for something you wanted, then calling the store and giving them your credit card. But not eBay. Granted, in those days you had to mail a money order to the seller, but I didn’t care. It was for my little fur babies: Chip, Flip, Snip, Zip, Limp, Pimp…oh wait. Disregard those last two.

In the last 15 years, I’ve bought bunk beds, electronics, power tools, clothes, shoes, baby gear, a vacuum cleaner, books, CDs, video games, and about a billion other things I can’t remember from the “worldwide garage sale.” Maybe one day I’ll buy a car. It’s not out of the realm of the possible. I’ve sold fewer items, mainly because it’s a pain in the rear.

I’m passing on my mad eBay skilz to my two older kids now. #1 just bought himself a used iPod touch with his own money. It was a good deal and I’m proud of my prodigy. They know how to save things to my watch list and fear bidding on stuff without permission. I already read them the riot act on that, even though neither one had done it yet – an ounce of prevention is worth avoiding a £350 Cure album.

So in honor of my eBayversary, here’s a song for all of my fellow eBayers.

Just in case you care, my kids now play with my “Mint With Tags Never Been Handled From Smoke-Free Home” Beanie Baby cats. The tags are long gone and I’m pretty sure a couple of the kitties are missing. Poor Zip has been puked on and washed a couple of times, even. Well worth the investment, I think.


One Response to “Is 15 Years on eBay a Good Thing?”

  1. Kristin May 30, 2012 at 8:26 am #

    Lol! I collected beanie babies too…I was sure they would, someday, make us rich. Now? Go check the playroom. Good luck!

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