I’m a Big Giant Dorky Nerd

15 Sep

Know what I did this last Friday night? I made up an Excel spreadsheet to do some comparison grocery shopping. Don’tcha wish your Friday was that cool?

So there’s one grocery store in town. Scratch that. There are three grocery stores in town. Two are the same company (Smith’s) and the third is a local co-op market with locally-grown and organic foods, and therefore, pricey. Not much choice because Walmart is 30 minutes away and Target is 45. I’m too cheap to pay for gas, so I don’t go often. Because of these factors, I’ve been paying what Smith’s has been asking. I wasn’t happy about it, though, because I’m a mega-tightwad. I hate buying something unless I know it’s the absolute best price I can get. I spend HOURS online searching for the best deals on things and I’ve been known to go to the darkest corners  of the Internet to find what I want.

I joined Amazon Moms (and got free second-day shipping) almost 2 years ago and discovered awesome prices on diapers and wipes. We got spoiled with the prime membership, so when the free Amazon Mom promo was over, we paid for prime membership. For the past year, I’ve been meaning to look up some other stuff to compare prices, but never got around to it.

Two weeks ago, I found myself alone at the store for my weekly grocery run. I decided to take advantage of the situation, and I whipped out my trusty camera phone. I snapped pictures like this one:

I have no less than 40 pics like these on my phone.

Items, prices, sizes captured.

So last Friday night, I took my phone and made a spreadsheet. I have about 35 items I wanted to check prices on, so I made a note of how much each one was at my store, Amazon, Alice.com, and Walmart.com, then I broke it down further, noting how much each thing was per ounce, pound, square of toilet paper, etc. (I didn’t really do squares of toilet paper – I’m not THAT nerdy.)

The funny thing? After I made this post on Facebook, “Nerdy comparison shopping done. I was shocked to learn that my hometown grocery store actually has lower prices on some of the items I’m looking for,” a couple of my local friends actually asked for my nerdy list.

It’s nice to know my nerdiness is appreciated.


One Response to “I’m a Big Giant Dorky Nerd”

  1. fringster January 5, 2013 at 10:34 am #

    I wanna do this one too!!!

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