I Didn’t Fall Off The Face Of the Earth

12 Jun

Yeah, I know. I haven’t posted anything in forever. Sorry.

So – quick catching up here.

  • We finished school back in May and my oldest is now a middle schooler. He’s also an official member of our church’s youth group, which also means that he’s in the Sunday school class Hubs and I have been teaching for, oh, about a hundred years. That makes me feel weird – to have my own kid in a teenager-y setting.
  • We put down sod in our backyard last month, so it no longer looks like we’re dirt farmers back there. On a related note, I have a feeling our water bill is going to be as high as our orthodontic bills (we now have 3 kids in orthodontia).
  • My phone broke. Sad days. I dropped it and shattered the screen. I’ve been scraping every spare dollar I can find (and selling crap on eBay) to pay for the repair, because I don’t want to take it out of our budget. $300 to replace screen and LCD. I’ve been without my phone for almost 2 weeks and I haven’t exploded yet, but I’m getting close.
  • I’m now Coordinator for our Community Bible Study class. This doesn’t mean anything extra right now, but in a few weeks, I’m going to have to shift into administrative mode and get everyone who has registered for the class entered into The System. Yes, there is a nationwide system that we all use. This is a big organization!
  • I’m now paying my children almost 4x the amount of weekly commission (allowance) to do their summer chores. I’m also not loading/unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, or dusting. I think this is a fair trade, and I’m willing to keep shelling out the George Washingtons to maintain the arrangement.
  • Kid #2 and I have started watching “Downton Abbey” together. I’ll probably blog more about this at a later time, but for now, we’re enjoying it. She’s almost 10, by the way.

I think that’s all the old business. On to new business. We’re going to a family wedding at the end of June, and we decided to make it into a big family vacation. This means that I’m going to obsess over finding the best deals for hotels and attraction tickets for the next few days until we have everything purchased. I’ve been working on it tonight already for three hours and I’ve given myself a Google overload headache.

We switched meds for Kid #1’s ADHD issues. Today was the first day with the adderall – the new stuff. So far, so good. He tried Vyvanse (adderall) back in December of 2011 and broke out into hives.  We’re hoping the allergic reaction was just to a filler and not the meds, because the meds he has been taking are only ok at controlling his symptoms.

By the way, if you have a kid with ADHD, I recommend “Taking Charge of ADHD” by Barkley. I finished reading it yesterday and feel much more competent to deal with this.

So, do any of my fabulous readers have interesting (or not-so-interesting) summer plans? I want to know – share!


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