Do I Know How to Celebrate, Or What?

15 Jul

Remember this show?


I remember my parents watching it back in the late 80s. Being a teenager, I wasn’t very interested in it. Moonlighting was more my speed. I loved me some Bruce Willis. The only things I remember about this show are that the main characters never seemed very happy, one family’s house was in a perpetual state of remodeling (and they were living among the construction), and that the redheaded lady’s hairdo was strange.

As a twentysomething, I ran across the show in syndication. I thought, I should give that show a try. I might understand it more now that I’m a grown-up. But then I never watched it. I didn’t care about adult angst, artsy haircuts, or other people’s remodeling projects. I had my own angst, bad hair days, and torn up kitchen to worry about.

I forgot about the show until tonight. It’s the last night of my 30s. Come the morning, I will no longer be thirtysomething. How do I feel? I’m not stressed out (I already had that for my 26th birthday), I’m not sad. If anything, I’m a bit meh. It’s another birthday.

I’m not planning a party. That would require effort on my part. I’m too tired for that. Besides, many of the people I’d want to celebrate with don’t live here.

My most memorable adult birthday was a few years ago – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out on my birthday. I stayed in bed all day long and read. It was heavenly. Haven’t had a day like it since, and that was 8 years ago.

So, on this, the eve of a new decade of my life, guess what I’m about to do? Go grocery shopping with the hubs. Because those darn kids keep expecting to be fed.


One Response to “Do I Know How to Celebrate, Or What?”

  1. Christine Isett July 17, 2013 at 7:53 am #

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You wear 40 well!

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