I Have a New Blog, But YOU Are the Author!

16 Jul

After a hilarious Facebook status update yesterday, followed by more hilarious comments from other parents, I’ve started a blog called “Things I Should Not Have To Tell My Kid.” (It’s IToldMyKid.wordpress.com if the link isn’t working)

Some gems:

  • get out of the oven
  • don’t lick the shopping basket (or public bathroom sink)
  • the urinal cake is not a boat
  • the tampon is not a submarine
  • we don’t dance like a hoochie mama in the grocery store
  • don’t pee on your brother
  • quit touching my boob

Really? We have to tell our kids these things? What have you had to tell your kid? Share! We want to laugh commiserate.


One Response to “I Have a New Blog, But YOU Are the Author!”

  1. Christine Isett July 17, 2013 at 7:54 am #

    Oh my, I look forward to reading all of these. You crack me up.

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