I Have a Mess on My Head – Plus a Contest

18 Oct

I have naturally curly hair. Not Keri Russell’s Felicity-esque tight coils, or Julia Robert’s soft waves, but more like Meg Ryan’s relaxed corkscrews. In my junior high days, I fought the curls and tried to get my bangs to feather just so, but was never successful. Long story short, I was a volunteer head of hair in a hair show when I was about 15, and the stylist changed my life forever.

Forever, people!

He unleashed the natural curls and showed me how to style this mess on my head. My life was never the same. I was free! No more curling irons to try to straighten those cow licks (no, I hadn’t heard of straightening irons), no more plastering my feathery wings with half a can of Aqua Net before school. I could, for the first time in my adolescent life, wash and wear my hair. Fortunately, I lived in Texas and it was the late 80s, so big, curly hair was in. I still used half a can of Aqua Net before school every day, but it was only to enhance the mess, not tame it.

I never had the patience to grow my hair much past my shoulders, mostly because it’s thick and makes me hot. Not hot as in “Girl, you’re looking sexy,” but “Girl, you’re looking sweaty.” Plus, my mom always told me that short hair looked really good on me.

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but somewhere around 24-ish months ago, I decided I was going to grow my hair out to donate. Amazingly enough, I did it. Just knowing that this hair really belonged to someone else encouraged me to keep growing the mess until it was long enough.


So I don’t usually do my bangs this way, but even they were long. This was 24 hours before I went under the shears.


The two braids in the middle were from the back (13 inches) and the other 2 braids were from the sides (10 inches). In case you’re wondering, I’m donating my locks to a place called Art of Wigs.


The ‘do.


The new mess on my head.

One of the first status updates I posted post-cut was that I was expecting epic bedhead from this cut. Honestly – it’s asymmetrical in two directions (front to back and side to side), so how can I NOT have great bedhead? I had to recant my statement just yesterday because, honestly, when I get up in the morning, I only look a little bit disheveled. Disappointing.

Until this morning.


I posted this picture this morning, pre-coffee, and got a couple of humdinger selfies from friends in return. Which made me think…


Yes! How fun would this be? Depending on types of entries, we might have different categories – preschool, child, college, adult, and one overall winner. Yay! Fun times! So, visit my Facebook page to upload your picture. Give me a little info in the caption, too. If you are shy, feel free to wear a mask, or even put one of those black bars over your eyes. I want to see your most epic bedhead! I don’t know what the prizes are – maybe just bragging rights. But wouldn’t you LOVE to be the BEDHEAD MONARCH OF THE INTERWEBS?

bedhead king


Talk to me!

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