Hijacked Spring Break

12 Apr

Our spring break is nearing its end. It wasn’t what we had planned – a trip to Bryan, TX, to visit my parents and side trip(s) to NASA and the Houston Zoo and/or Galveston.

My mom came up this way the week before spring break to visit my two grandmothers in Canyon and Alamosa. On her way back to B/CS the Thursday before our break, she took Baby Tay with her, because Kid #4 was the only one not to have spent any time with my parents at Camp Nana. Because of this, we had only 3 kids (and a pooch) for the 14-hour drive.

The morning we left for our vacay, we got a call about an hour down the road – my Grannie in Texas had passed away an hour earlier. I had sort of anticipated this, but hadn’t packed any clothes for a funeral. Instead of opting to buy appropriate clothes for 6 people for the funeral, we turned around, went home, got our clothes, and left again.

We stayed with Hubby’s parents in Clovis (4 hours away) that night, then decided to hit the road for a mini vacay with the 3 big kids. We wanted to do something fun with them since Kait was having fun at Camp Nana. We visited Roswell and Carlsbad over the next two days, then returned to Clovis to wash clothes and spend the night.

Finally, we headed to Canyon on Tuesday evening in preparation for the Wednesday service. We got #4 back from my parents, saw family, had dinner, then hit the hay at the hotel.

Then #3 got sick. Like, nasty sick. Middle-of-the-night nasty sick in the hotel.

So Hubs stayed with 3 & 4 and Senor Crazypants dog at my aunts’ house while the other 3 of us went to Grannie’s service. It was a nice service, but a bit surreal to be back in the church I grew up in. Kids 1 & 2 got to experience the Panhandle winds at the graveside service, and my brother and I told them repeatedly to be thankful they don’t have to deal with that wind like we did growing up.

In the meantime, Hubs had picked up some miracle medicine our doctor called in to a local pharmacy to stop #3’s dry heaves. Poor thing – once she starts puking, she can’t stop.

We headed home Wednesday afternoon and we were all SO THANKFUL to get home. #3 crashed Wednesday night feeling poor and woke up Thursday feeling fine.

I, however, didn’t. I got her tummy thing.

But yesterday I felt better, so we made the most of our circumstances (and Hubs’s remaining days off), and went to a movie in Santa Fe, followed by swimming, and a fabulous steak dinner at Outback. Actually, we went to two separate movies – the girls and I saw Peabody & Sherman (fun flick), and the boys saw Captain America. It was a nice compromise.

Pretty much the whole time we were on the road, we were listening to Lord of the Rings. We started it last summer when we went to Texas, but only got as far as 2/3 of the way through the 2nd book. Last night, pulling into the driveway, we were at the part where Eowyn was facing off with the King of the Nazgul, and instead of staying in the car and listening to the VERY EXCITING next part, the kids decided to go inside to bed. What? What! Hubs and I decided it was because they had no idea what the end of that standoff held.

So now they’re all in the living room watching the movies. Except for #4. She doesn’t care. She’d rather watch Frozen. Again. And dance and sing to every song. Again. Because she’s good at that.

As usual, though, I have a ga-jillion piles of laundry to do. It’s Saturday, after all, and dirty laundry waits for no woman.


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