Hiya – Remember Me?

15 May

So it’s been over a year since I’ve written a post. TBH, I lost interest. I decided over a year ago that I really didn’t want to be a writer when I grew up, and because I didn’t need to build my online marketing platform, I didn’t really see the need to keep tending my blog.

But something weird has happened in the last few months: my writer-ly Facebook page has gained more followers without me promoting it. Interesting.

Maybe I’ll post more now. I’ll start today with a story that continues to warm my heart.

It’s about kazoos and flamingos.

Several weeks ago, our church staff and worship team facilitated a different kind of Sunday morning service. It was focused on fellowship and celebrating our church family. It was great – coffee, photo booth, pastries from a new local bakery, great worship songs, friends, and…kazoos.

Kazoos in the hands (or mouths) of adults is pretty fun. I’ve heard lots of fun song arrangements utilizing the little guys. But in the possession of the under-10 set? No.

That morning, I decided before the service even began that there would be payback for the kazoos. I discovered that our youth pastor was the culprit, and I had 20 pink yard flamingos ordered before I left the building that morning. Why? For his yard. Because kazoos. And because he responded to my “thanks for the kazoos” text with “i regret nothing.”

I began gathering my co-conspirators. I will not name names here to protect the still-presumed-innocent, but I will say that it was other like-minded parents. Because kazoos.

The flock arrived.13064110_10208992593309732_1147386930_o

This is only half of the flock. They came in two boxes. In case you need to acquire your own flock, Home Depot had the best prices.

Schedules were coordinated, plans were laid, and Operation Oh No He Di’int was a go.


Note the kazoo on this bad boy.

We were so stealthy and quick that we were done in 8 minutes. It was mildly anti-climactic…

But it was fun to sit back and watch the puzzlement unfold. The pastor and his wife thought that various teenagers from our church were responsible. He was mostly sure that I was the ringleader (maybe because of the #revenge texts I had sent him earlier), but he was fuzzy on my comrades.

He was a great sport about it though, posting pictures of his mini-mingo wrangler.


This was the caption: Flamingos escaped containment and were getting aggressive. She had to step in before it got out of control. ‪#‎celebratechurch‬ #‎youremyboypink‬‪ #‎flamingoesandkazoos‬

His little mingo wrangler really enjoyed her new pets – she got them into this formation:


I was a little worried about those two lying down. I wondered if maybe they were injured and the others were turning on them.

We let him enjoy his flock and stew in the mystery for a while. Until the next Sunday when the conspirators wore these stickers:

kazoos flamingos

I think we need to make some t-shirts with this design. But I digress.

Then this happened during the sermon:


That was his face when Pink made his appearance. And others began appearing. Check out the jungle mingo in the plant in his office.

Whole threads on FB were devoted to the birds when found in the wild.

And everything was ok until this happened…


We had put our dear pastor and his family in danger!! Oh no! But never fear, the mingo wrangler still has her flock under control.

I don’t know how long this flamingo thing will last. I think others are helping perpetuate the longevity, and that’s awesome. I live in mild fear of retribution because I know that the pastor has at least one of his own co-conspirators who keeps posting things like this on Facebook.


Yeah – this exists, apparently.


One Response to “Hiya – Remember Me?”

  1. miss becky May 17, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    thanks for sharing…. i was out of town and missed all that fun.

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