SO tired

21 Jun

I’m going to start with some shameless self-congratulation. Our whole front yard is a flower garden and I really hate the sprinklers that we’ve been using for years. I decided to design and install my own drip sprinkler system.

So I did. And I did it rather well, I must say. I just need to fix one area of the yard, but I’m 95% pleased with the irrigation system thus far. And I’ve done this mostly on my own. Steve provided some of the manual labor, but I figured out how to make this bad boy work, then I figured out how to solve the problems. I feel so grown-up.

Met my sister-in-law, two nephews, and one niece at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum today. Everyone had a nice time. Julie painted, then repainted, then re-repainted her face. She loves that part. All 3 of my big kids left with colored faces. I think this is a badge of honor with them.

I’m so tired. Last week was tough (VBS and wound-up kids) followed by a full weekend (up early Sat & Sun and Steve leaving for England). Then last night I stayed up until 2 a.m. because 2 kids decided to sleep outside. 4 of the 7 kids (cousins are here) are back out in the camper, but tonight the baby monitor made it out there. Hopefully I’ll sleep better.


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